Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Venue was the Winner

Well, that and the pitch.

The sharp eyed amongst you will recognise the ancient Japanese poetry form Haiku as part of my image. This is a foretaste of a whole new cricket=art movement.

We all know and appreciate the fact that cricket blogging is about abuse, sexual innuendo and vehement vitriol but I choose to believe it is big enough to incorporate the sensitive side that must exist in at least a couple of you. To this end I intend to include the occasional haiku for your delectation and encourage you all to have a go yourselves.

If nothing else it will fill in those long days watching test cricket.


R. Thirucumaran said...

I, for one thing, can't for the sake of it, understand why the Lord's curator keeps producing such flatbeds! Getting an entry on the Lord's honour board for batsmen has become as easy as stealing lollipops from a 2 year old!

Only God knows, maybe the Lord's curator is an EPL supporter! :O

PS - In case you're thinking of having a look at my blog, please dont' come to crazy conclusions because I've been really bz nowadays, and unable to update it frequently. I'm working out a schedule whereby I can update it every other day with something useful!

Leg Break said...

OK, my understanding of Nippon culure starts and ends with my addiction to Sudoku...

...but the Haiku above does not seem to meet the rules in the link?

martyd said...

Ah, you have failed to grasp the bit that says the rules only apply to Japanese, writing in any other language you can freestyle it.

Leg Break said...

Short and cute

Not like Styris.

martyd said...

Nothing, thank god, is like Styris

Samir Chopra said...

This is a very good analysis of why one might want to disregard the 5-7-5 rule when writing English Haiku.

I'll try some with both 5-7-5 and 3-5-3.