Monday, February 22, 2010

A Meeting Of Minds

Dale Steyn may hate batsman but he is obviously a dog lover and a friend to all animals.

What does concern me is the fact that the dog does not have that air of menace you would expect from a member of the security forces. Before some one tells me, I do know he is employed for his nose rather than his teeth - the dog that is.


Purna said...

They make a very cute couple.

Hi M! How have you been?

martyd said...

Good Purna - what have you been up to - having a break from cricket?

Purna said...

Never! Things are busy, so the cricket had to take a backstep. I am very miserable :(.

martyd said...

Never mind - you get to watch the Black Caps thump Aussie - that should cheer you up.