Monday, January 19, 2009

A Man For All Seasons II

This one is for Jrod. David Hussey in a blue study where he manages to appear up beat, athletic, full of runs and statesman like all at the same time.

Moving off the topic slightly, does any one else find the ODI series a yawn after all that great test cricket?


Anonymous said...

The ODI series so far has been excellent with two games in a row going down to the wire.

Australia and South Africa are very evenly matched and neither of them no the meaning of quit.

Sydney on Friday will be, I expect, another great match where the momentum sways with both teams in it right to the very end.

The new powerplay rules are an excellent addition creating a game within a game and I wish the ICC had introduced it years ago.

Leg Break said...

2 incompetent giants mud-wrestling in the nude.

Got a pic for that Martyd?

Suave said...

I agree with Nesta...

This new powerplay is fantastic..

Great pic too Marty. FPM gets my vote.

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

I'd like to vote for him but I'm yet to find a Western Australian politician who is not corrupt

Naked Cricket said...

For a good yawn