Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Matter of Policy

The India team has a big problem. How to best celebrate a wicket with Ishant Sharma when he is so hard to reach? With the way Sharma is developing this could prove a long term issue.

We believe the matter has been considered and a team policy instituted which states "that the next tallest players are to get to him first with the little fellas bringing up the rear or just circling his legs".

This policy does not apply to Tendulkar who is a true giant, and as such he will only be required to give everyone one of his special smiles.


Pri said...

of course it doesn't help when he runs off in random directions after taking a wicket. by the time poor dada and kumble can catch up he's all done cheering.

although i think maybe all this running is for his own safety. all those bones!

p.s. we heart your blog! [we = me and disco]

Naked Cricket said...

High 5s for this one - a real gem!