Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Star On The Rise

The ODI series between NZ and Pakistan has  been a god send to the Paskistan team and yet another reality check for the Black Caps.

Young Ahmed Shehzad has been unearthed as a star of the future, bowlers like Riaz have developed confidence and valuable game nous and Misbah and a few other "oldies" have established some street cred.

Meanwhile, in the Kiwi camp, they couldn't spell (or manufacture) a win if you spotted them the "w" and the "n".

As a Black Cap supporter I would feel better if at least one of the players looked like fulfilling their potential.

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Zaheer said...

Pakistan is not short of cricket talent. Imran Tahir in South Africa, Usman Khwaja in Australia, some players in Kanadian and England teams are contribution to World of cricket furthermore by Pakistan. There are more exiting talent waiting in Queue. The only thing is that management should take right one.