Friday, October 15, 2010

A Very Indian Celebration

Members of the Indian team showing plenty of Eastern promise. It is promise that they are delivering on having got the mix between old and young just about right. They could well be the No. 1 Test team for some time.

I know how much the Aussies hate to lose but I have a sneaky feeling two hard fought losses to the top test team may prove a better Ashes preparation than England's confused and long winded romp with the flaky Pakistanis. 

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Soulberry said...

England may be surprised by Australia. I have a feeling Ponting will lead the charge in grand fashion.

But there is a perception that this England team is a little different - doesn't mind playing unorthodox Test cricket (in terms of scoring rate) and isn't one to be bugged down by tavel. Dunno how much of that is true.