Monday, October 18, 2010

The Bangla Boys Bounce

Can't fault the Bangla Boys for there enthusiasm, commitment and quality of cricket. They deserved to win the series about 27 to 0.

My comments on the Black Caps go something like this.

Useless!#!$*Overpaid##!!^%*Under prepared!#@$!%^Anemic?!@?!Embarrassments@#!?!


sunny said...

Purna would have loved this. :)

I'm glad that one of cricket's weaker teams is doing exceptionally well but I wished it was happening to a less nicer team than the Blackaps. I hate to see losing them.

Btw, nice work here Martyd, I wanted to make a proper comment since quite a while but didn't really get the time. I'm a total art fanatic, so when this gets combined with cricket, the result is lovable for me. :D

Purna said...

Purna does love this! :)

martyd said...

Hey P your back! Have missed your positivity, especially as your boys have been thumping my sorry lot.