Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pingers Meets God

I am so excited. I know someone who knows the cricket deity that is Sehwag. Now I know it is a couple of degrees of separation but my fellow teacher Peter Ingram (Pingers) can be clearly seen communing with the great one. How many of you readers of  this sad blog can claim that degree of contact? Any one who might have doubted Sehwag's divine power need only have watched him destroy the NZ attack while all around him crumbled.

The image seems to suggest Pingers is giving Sehwag some pointers, but I am sure he is just trying to explain the unexplainable - why Watling and Guptil are preferred as openers!


Purna said...

You know Pingers personally? :O

martyd said...

I employed him as a teacher when he was giving cricket away - good move as he hasn't stopped scoring runs since and hasn't had to do much teaching. He is a top bloke.