Friday, August 20, 2010

Design Briefs

As you will have noticed with the ad's that are starting to appear on this site I have started creating the dreaded cricket t shirt. I am just offering the Silhouette Series at present but I am looking to do a Legends Series. The image right is a trial run for that series - any feed back welcome.

While I am seeking your counsel I have an idea for another t shirt series entitled Cricket Logic and I am on the lookout for famous, or not so famous, cricketing statements. Any thoughts?

I promise to never use "the batsmans Holding, the bowlers Willy".


Hayley Barmy Army said...


I work with the Barmy Army and follow your blog. The t-shirts look great. If you are looking forward to the Ashes then you only have 11 DAYS LEFT to win an amazing Barmy Army Experience of a lifetime at the Ashes in Australia this winter!!! Click here to enter NOW!!!!

Purna said...

I like it! I am sure many fans will love them :).

Do Sachin, they'll sell like hot cakes! Hehe