Sunday, June 13, 2010

Excuse Me Sir...

... but could you possibly consider the dismissal of this young gentleman?

Or words to that effect.

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Kappa said...

If u really want to pity anyone, please pity the umpires of a cricket match...i mean its a bad enough that they have to stand for a whole damn day under the sun, but it is still not as bad as putting them through a dull, boring game, that too standing!
I mean it may be a good exercise, but most of them are really really fat. So it isnt really a good workout after all, is it?

Please contact me to stop this torture:

Khade Khadehokar
Tortures Against Cricket Umpires Activist

Check out his new book, "How to stand straight for a day and still cook better curry than Sanjeev Kapoor"