Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Marquis De Afridi

Why would Afridi do that?

Brain explosion?
Sub concious self destruction?
For a bet?

I can now reveal the real reason. It was all about PR.

Yes, Great Uncle Jrod and his minions got to the boy wonder and set up the perfect promotion for their new venture, the Cricket Sadists Monthly.

Never has blogging imitated life in a more poignant way, and it helps that Afridi is nuts to start with.


bucva said...

hahaha wow.

Mikail said...

Who cares if he's nuts, that's part of the reason we love him
Anyway, cool picture, it's definitely art

BTW that thing he said about smelling it with his teeth, he was totally joking/being sarcastic/whatever. It's called pakistani sense of humour. If he was serious, then why would he already have admitted to ICC what he was doing {cheating/biting}?

martyd said...

Trust me Mikail I recognise sarcasim and you are right, there should be more Pakistani stand up comedians.