Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Young, Gifted and Indian

To continue the dodgy musical references - It was 20 years ago today.

Fresh faced and curly as the Little Masteronce was he still looks much better than he should after 20 seasons of professional sport.



To all the Sachin and Cricket fans-

Who can forget the 1999 World Cup, when he played even though his father passed away midway through the tournament? He took a break to attend the funeral and returned quickly to score a century, then looked up to the skies to seek his father's blessings. It was a very touching and emotional moment for every Indian. The poignancy of that moment has stayed in the minds of all who watched that knock. I am no exception.

Stand up and cheer for the little master as World celebrates 20 years of his International career.

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Love- Nishant Nischal.

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