Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Kittens Roar

Or are they kittens no more?

Well winning a cat fight with an inexperienced and lame moggy is not world champion stuff but they have taken a step up the food chain.

Where in the feline chain of command do the Bangla boys now sit?

Lynx? Bobcat? Manx?


Gala said...

I think it goes something like this..
The ORIGINAL Windies team=cheetahs.
Pakistan=a menagerie of various feline species.
India=Some hyenas, some jackals.
Australia=Sabre-toothed tigers
S Africa=Wolves
Deshis=Domestic cats which just realized there is a whole other world after their owner left the back door open.

martyd said...

Well done Gala - what would the Blackcaps be?

Gala said...

No idea?
I'll say lynxes cuz you can't go wrong with them.