Thursday, January 8, 2009

Narcissists (don't) Rule

The England/ECB have shot themselves in the foot so often it must be time to attack a different appendage. To their credit(?) it would appear they were no longer prepared to let the lunatics run the asylum, although how that is going to translate into team dynamics is anybodies guess. The Caribbean resorts should be hiding the rum and peddle boats as we speak.

Given the general confusion as to who said what to whom, I can now tell you that the real reason for the breakdown in the captain/coach relationship was the fact that the coach was better looking than the captain. This is something that selection panels need to consider for all future appointments.


Som said...

Going by the Glam Quotient, now that Strauss has been made the captain, who you suggest should be the coach?

martyd said...

The Black Caps have already got Andy Moles and he is not going to be better looking than any known player! It is a good question Som - who is the ugliest coach?