Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Win Baby

Peter Roebuck in The Age (Day 4)

"Ricky Ponting has outwitted his counterpart in this match. Whereas Graeme Smith has responded to the game, his opponent has tried to dictate its course. Admittedly the Australian has had the game breaker in his line-up but he has also been the more alert tactician. Smith does take charge of his team but does not impose himself on a match. Accordingly the home batsmen have been able to escape from every predicament."

Now hindsight is... blah,blah,blah, but just maybe people forget that it is a simple game and, played simply, if you score more runs than the opposition you win. Listening to Lawry & Co. for the first 4 days it seemed to be all about style points but unless the ICC has made even more changes they don't yet count for runs.

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Whoppa said...

Too True Marty D!

Australia and Hawera go down on the same Sunday to teams that prefer to walk the walk rather than talk a load of crap!

Maybe some action act forthcoming from Puke Park and the Mighty Old Boys Victory-A young Dravitski knocking over Chittendens poles...
1st ball??