Monday, June 16, 2008

More Money, Less Class

NZ Cricket have come up with a new way of making some much needed money. They will hire themselves out on either a game by game or tour basis to any international team that is struggling for form. They believe the bowling attack may also be able to be rented on a crap over by crap over basis.

Not sure it's a goer?

It worked for Strauss.
It worked for Bell.
It worked for Collingwood.

And they haven't finished the marketing programme yet.


Sportsfreak said...

And for 2 successive test series it worked for KP.

Rubbish for 2, century in the third.

I seem to recall we even managed to play Nick Knight into form once.

tippa said...

lets not forget Lara's comment that he was only coming to NZ to boost his batting average...

martyd said...

and did he?