Thursday, May 8, 2008

Will The Lion Roar?

I can't wait for the test series between The England and NZ to start, not because it is likely to produce stunning cricket but because the Lion of Huddersfield and his hair cut seem to produce so many interesting images.

Of Course as a loyal Kiwi I would like to see less of him celebrating wickets.


Suave said...

You bet he will Mr D!!

I can see him walking off, ball in hand at least twice this series.

Mr D said...

I trust you are going to back that judgement up in SportsFreak's little tipping competition?

Sportsfreak said...

Nice picture MD.

But what’s this “SportsFreak's little tipping competition” bit?

This is going to be bigger than Robert Key and Jessie Ryder combined.

Mr D said...

Of course, but I am a master of understatement.