Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock and Roll Animal

Unless incensed over some Aussie or Indian atrocity I rarely blog the same player twice, but I couldn't resist this image of the new Kiwi rock star. Muscles, tattoo and black shades - it can't just be about the music baby!


Soulberry said...

Dear Martyd,


I have been following your blog for long and have a post dedicated to you.

Through your blog I have realized what one can convey with digital art.

I am a rank amateur hobbyist and meddle around with my son's Photoshop CS2 program.

It is no secret that I am in awe of your work and have been reading up tutorials and experimenting but without the clarity, skill, knowledge or vision.

I come as a student to you.

I would greatly appreciate if you could guide me to some finer tips in creating digital art and resources thereof.

Thank you.


Mr D said...

Hi Soulberry

Thanks for the kind words but I think it only fair to tell you I am no expert in the use of Photoshop. I am a big believer in Learn By Doing and most of what I have picked up has been through trial and error. I have seen some of your images and they are already pretty good - loved Roy the Lion.

I can recommend the tutorials at Atomic Learning which allow you to just answer the one question at a time. Keep at it a have fun.