Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time For A Change

Big Harmy is going to bring about change to The England attack - we will wait to see if it is an improvement or just a change

Meanwhile I have been putting a new broom through my links list. Gone are those hopeful bloggers who just couldn't sustain the effort or come up with more than two ideas. I shall miss Omar, who loved cricket but was not able to keep talking about it for what ever reason.

The good people at Well Pitched will now maintain a Pakistani perspective and if you need a live feed Cricket Fever has caught the bug.

Miss Field declares herself female and in love with cricket, a rare but tempting combination. Pri is a scandalous gossip who has flattered my humble blog with a link and a mention, so surely deserves reciprocation.

Last, but never least, is the Sports Freak whose busy blog offers insight and a sense of the ridiculous that can only be found south of the equator and west of Sydney.

If Harmy doesn't make a difference it is good to know there are so many people out there who are ready and able to give him shit!

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