Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Same Again

At the risk of repeating myself here is the same style as two posts ago, just a different bowler.

There is a considerable difference between Sidebottom and Garner, and not just in hair cuts. So it will be interesting to see if Sidebottom can extend his latest stint at the bowling crease beyond one series.

The International Herald Tribune has made an interesting point;
"... simply by taking the field in Leeds, Sidebottom, 29, made a breakthrough. He ceased to be a "one-test wonder." These are the men who were good enough to be chosen for their country once, but did not get another chance.

It is not an exclusive club. There have been more than 300, around one-eighth of all those who have played tests since the first took place 130 years ago."

It would seem unlikely that any of those one test wonders had the same haircut.

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