Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Those Eyes

It is the intensity in players eyes that so often stands out in photos and images of them playing the game.

No doubt the concentration required is an important reason for this intensity but I also think the shear competitiveness of so many of the great players is there to see in their eyes.

Next post I shall wax a little less philosophical - and nice shot Sunny!


Samir Chopra said...

Very interesting blog; not the usual stuff at all.

I've always loved this shot of Sunny Gavaskar - we spend so much time talking about his splendid defense that we forget he used to play the most lovely square and cover drives (and some mean square cuts too!).

I'm going to link to your blog - I'm sure others will like it.

Unknown said...

Thanks Samir. I am hoping to do more sub-continent players when England stops providing me with such great material. I will link to Eye on Cricket from CAA