Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's Just Wrong

I am not an Indian supporter.
I understand that these things are supposed to even out - but rarely do in Australia.
I know they are paid professionals whose livelihoods depend on success.
But somethings are just wrong!

Celebrating like you won lotto when you know you were out once, and suspect you were out a second time and heaven help me are about to get another break in a few overs, is just wrong.

The NFL have got it right. 2 challenges per innings. Don't tell me it slows the game down because we stop on a constant basis for damn near everything else, making things fair should be a priority otherwise why the hell should I or anyone else bother watching.

1 comment:

Daniel @ Campinas said...

Poor umpiring, horrible calls. And Symonds later admitted he knew he was out.