Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gary (Un)Ballanced And His Bleeding Bat

How can someone that out of touch have that many cherries on his bat?


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Anonymous said...

As for the Ashes, I wouldn't change much. Subject to change on today's play. Ballance keeps his place. Can't drop him after one bad series. He's been brilliant since the surprise decision to put him at 3. Bell should be dropped as his batting and surprisingly poor fielding signal something isn't right. Hales is the obvious choice after his county season. The bowling concerns me. Wood has been impressive. Broad was much better at Lord's but is still a concern, as is the burdening of both him and Anderson. Plunkett and Barker must play during the Ashes when our bowlers look jaded. Stokes and Ali arent good enough with the ball to be anything other than a 5th bowler. Ali may prove me wrong as he did last summer, but he certainly won't be enough in the UAE. The only obvious spin option is Rashid, as he had a good season in division 1 and is doing pretty well this year after 2 games.

India vs Bangladesh 2015