Monday, July 18, 2011

Living In The Past

It was Graham Yallop - I am sure you all knew that. Apparently the first man to wear The Helmet in an official test match. The local Aussies were so impressed they booed him to the crease. - fair go mate!

I can't shake the old photos , which is probably a commentary on what isn't happening at present.

So who is this brave soldier? And no, he wasn't part of the riot police social team.


Anonymous said...

David Hookes!!

Martyd said...

Nope but you are on the track

MouseMan said...


Martyd said...

Not elegant enough to be Gower

SanjayN said...

I thought Dennis Amiss was the 1st to wear a helmet but then again, you did say "Test Match". Perhaps, Amiss was the 1st to use it in a game, most probably World Series Cricket. That too was a motor cycle helmet. As for this bloke, it looks a bit like Wayne Phillips, but I know it can't be him. I'm assuming you're after someone from an earlier era. He's using a DF bat, and it was rare to see an Aussie use an English bat so I'm guessing this is a non-Aussie....still don't know.
Cheers, Sanjay.