Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The X Factor

So Xavier Doherty is the next new great white hope of Aussie spin bowling - I wish him better luck than the last few to amble up to the crease.

I know Hauritz has been around for a while but he really only brings V Factor - V for vanilla that is.

Maybe, like most pro sports, we could have a trading marketing where the Black Caps could send Vettori across the ditch in exchange for a couple of openers and a fast bowler.


dingo said...

doherty has been around forever the real hope is steven o'keefe of NSW

i added you to my roll, go ahead and do the same if you want


martyd said...

consider it done ding.

Watch Pacuqaio Online said...

Best of luck for his future

Watch Football Online - Watch NFL Football Online said...

He bowled very well may be he will rock the rock through his bowling.