Friday, May 28, 2010

Give John The Job!

If there is one thing in modern sport that really gets me angry it is the twisted assumption that you have to have played at the highest level to have an opinion or know anything about it.

Now I am not one to jump quickly to the aid of my trans tasman cousins but for Zimbabwe to have any sway over the appointment (or not) of any official seems crazy. They need to get some actual cricket happening before they try and dictate what happens elsewhere.

The skill set required to run a country can't be too far off that needed to oversee the ICC and he did have his own team, which is more than Zimbabwe can say for the last few years.

And yes, he does look good in the hat.


Purna said...

From what I've heard, he did a terrible job running his country. He is also very biased or racist or something...that's why people don't want him.

martyd said...

I am no believer in politicians but I doubt that he was any more racist than the average aussie - perhaps a little less.

Helen Clarke was a pain in the arse and she ended up running a large part of the UN - but I am ot sure she ever played cricket?