Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Camera Loves Chris

He may not be the world's best bowler, he may be the world's worst test batsman, but there is something about Chris Martin.

He always seems to be the subject of interesting photos.

It might be his body type. It can't be the head band.

Now if he could just take a few quick wickets.


Purna said...

This is all photoshop? Man, that's awesome. Great perspective.

If you get the chance to check out my blog that would be great. Just started, it's

Maybe you can add it to your blog roll if you like it? :). I'm adding yours for sure!

martyd said...

Consider it done Purna

Anonymous said...

Ahh..... sorry but thats just a guy whos been cut out with a "chrome" effect on him.... done in 5min

martyd said...

You are almost right. It was done in 10 minutes but the actual sequence is

Chalk/Charcoal background
Photocopy for figure
Followed by Cut Out and Levels adjustment

Not sure where you got the chrome idea from.