Friday, September 26, 2008

A Short Sharp Sabbatical

They say a change is as good as a rest, well bugger that, I am going to have both. The quality and quantity of posts may well vary greatly over the next three weeks as I take time out from my busy schedule to visit that hot bed of cricket, Las Vegas.

Hotel and coffee shop wireless permitting I will attempt to throw a few images at the blogosphere. If you are keen to live and gamble vicariously (and who isn't?) I shall be attempting a humble travel blog at

You all keep a straight bat now, you hear.


Straight Point said...

have a blast there at vegas...

Neno Cricket said...

Hi Friends,

At last I have modified the ICC Ratings Gadget as per suggested by some members.

Do install on your blogs from

Sanath said...

Pls link my blog onto yours as I've done regarding yours..thanks a ton

Soulberry said...

Busted any bandits yet? Hope you're having loads of fun.

Q said...

I did Vegas in August during my US trip.. loved the place! Have a blast!

But 3 weeks there?

Mke sure u do the grand canyon and lake tahoe if possible.

Gamble awaaayyy!