Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Eyes, White Teeth

This celebrity thing is all about the size, and colour, of the eyes and the whiteness of the teeth.

I could not decide on a winning caption for this image so I have chosen to recognise the author of the longest one; a certain Great Uncle JRod. This cheeky avatar is fast becoming the most prolific blogger in cricketdom, but we will be watching closely for burnout. The bane of all celebrity, that and the cost of dental hygienists.


Teeth Whitening said...

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Teeth Whitening said...

you know, you are right.
there's this thing, where black eyes aren't beautiful, brown eyes are okay, green eyes are pretty, but blue eyes are beautiful. That's something i don't agree with. However i think teeth really is something i would agree with, no one wants yellow teeth and I'm sure no one wants to see it either. Its part of hygiene. If you dont brush your teeth they will be yellow.

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