Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Son Of Geoff

I am famous for sitting on the fence, taking a balanced view, dodging the tough decisions, but I have to say I like this guy.

I like his attitude.
I like his batting style.
I like the way he plays such a straight blade.

I hope we are going to see a lot of him for a long time.


Jrod said...

That doesn't look like Daniel Marsh.

Straight Point said...

may be these are early days and he still finding his feet in the team...but his demeanor looks so unlike aussie we are used to of calm and composed...looking to do job quietly but surely...

martyd said...

In the spirit of Paul Collingwood I freely admit I am an idiot. Shaun is far to good looking to be related to Rod the Dodger and I just didn't do my research.

See what happens when you finally have an opinion.