Friday, February 8, 2008

Sad Sad

And you think you had a bad week.

I am a New England Patriots supporter, of long standing, back when they were crap, a place they decided to revisit in the SuperBowl.

I am a Black Caps supporter, I can say no more with out breaking down.

I blew a calf muscle at rugby practice showing another coach how to perform a drill. Every one laughed.

I limp home, turn the TV on and find that Jesse Ryder is the future, but not much of one.

I am seriously thinking of forgetting about sport - perhaps flower arranging is where its at?


Suave said...

It really isn't going to well for your lads is it..

Jesse Ryder is literally, an immense cricketer.

You may fair better in the ODI's if Vettori comes back, but is he good enough to stop the rot?

I think No.

martyd said...

We have a long history of one man cricket teams - but there are no Richard Hadlees in this lot.