Friday, January 4, 2013

All Action - All Emotion

Shoaib Malik gets to celebrate and you get the feeling it has real meaning for him and his team.


baseball livescore said...

Well that is why Pakistan vs. India cricket is so good it is always full of action and drama and above all it is full of emotions and sentiments and you see players very desperate to play important part in their team's win.And Shoaib Malik done exactly that he played and important role in his team's win agianst the arch rivals in the first T20 and scored the winning runs in the second ODI.nd it means a lot to Shoaib Malik to the Pakistani people because they have deprived of International cricket at home.

horseracing software said...

and that one looks like a painting by the famous painter, Van Gogh,I so love it!!!! :D