Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Big Blue ...?

It has been a week of strange animal figures and this one doesn't even have a name - yet.

The folks in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh get to host the 2011 World Cup, why should they be the only ones who get to name the mascot?

I am looking for some suggestions here people. If we get enough we might even get all democratic and have a vote - or a revolution.


Purna said...

Excuse me? Is this the WC mascot?? WTF!

Well I guess as a Bangladeshi I have the right to name him. And as the one who brought him to our attention, you can be the judge.

How about Flathead? :P

Mock Wah said...

He's been named Jumbo. But I wud prefer olifant.

martyd said...

Jumbo?!*! C'mon guys we can do better than that!

Unknown said...


That is so... i don't know! But its certainly not acceptable. Even Yusuf Pathan would have come up with a better idea.

Purna said...

Terrible! Let's name him Haati! That's bengali for Elephant and one of the most beloved characters from the Lion King.

Thiru Cumaran said...

But I read somewhere that this abomination of a mascot was called 'Appu'! :O

Someone's gonna have to pay the creators of The Simpsons some royalties! :D

martyd said...

No Appu was his name when he mascoted for the Asian Games. He might be blue but he gets around.

Purna said...

Oh, is that why he is blue? because he has been recycled?

Let's call him Green then :P.