Monday, April 19, 2010

An Answer And A Question

So here is the face, and most of you will be none the wiser. It is in fact Martin Donnelly, left hand batsman and legend for NZ back in the day where black and white was the only option.

My family history suggests that I was named after this local legend, another instance of my failure to meet expectations!

The question does remain, who was the VCC? He played for a lot of different teams but none seem to fit the initials. Any ideas trainspotters?


Anonymous said...

I may be wrong - isn't that VOCC or OVCC? It doesn't help me identify it, because I don't know NZ clubs, but I don't think it's VCC - Anne

martyd said...

You are right - it does look like VOCC - pretty sure this photo was taken while he was playing in England

Anonymous said...

Typically if it's British, it might be 'Old V . . CC' Can't think of any public schools beginning with V, though. Bizarrely, Google gives me 'Old Fallopians CC'. Unlikely.

By the way - should have said years ago - I love looking at your pics.