Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Life Less Suave

We have added a new friend to our blog roll. A suave and possibly debonair individual who produces his own insights under the heading of Republique Cricket.

Good taste is never out of fashion but our new friend has got us thinking about who might be the least suave cricketer currently walking to the crease.

In my humble opinion Scott "Piggy" Styris must be in contention for such an important title, even given his smart casual pose - any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

That is genius!!

Scotty Styris, of the worst hair in the world. Business on top, party at the back!

I can only come up with Jason Gillespie in the days of the barmy army singing, "where's your caravan".

Jrod said...

Kamran Akmal is one who missed the sauve boat.