Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Time Has Come

Decision made for Ponting.

Good luck to a great player.

Maybe now he can rid of himself of that "possum looking for a set of headlights" expression.


live score said...

I think that Ricky Ponting has made an excellent decision and it's just at the right time.Well, if you can't perform and are out of your age then it's time for you to get yourself retired.And one of the greatest cricketing legend has made a correct decision.We will obviously miss him but I think now most of the people want t see him off the field.

Sid the Gnome said...

Very true. He has been amazing in his time, but I would hate for him to drag his career out to the point where he is the failing batsman that just won't quit. All due respect to him, it is definitely time to go.