Sunday, July 22, 2007

You Little Beauty!

Aimee Mason celebrates her maiden one day hundred in the White Ferns win over their Aussie counterparts.

Her celebrations might represent all Kiwis this weekend with the White Ferns win following on from the All Blacks win over the Wallabies, the Silver Ferns defeating Australia in netball, the Warriors winning their NRL game against the Tigers and the Tall Blacks beating Venezuela at basketball.

It might be asking a lot for Michael Campbell to make up 14 shots on the last day of the British Open, but whatever happens there will be a few smiles at work this Monday.


Anonymous said...

Might be better if Aimee was playing for the White Ferns. The Black Ferns is the NZ Women's Rugby Team.

Mr D said...

well spotted - I have made the change, although I have to say I know Aimee and it would not surprise me if she did give rugby a crack.