Saturday, July 7, 2007

Seven Wonders

Be it Glasgow or Goa there is always going to be intense support for the Indian cricketers.

I love the sign and it has me thinking - what other cricketers could be described as natural or ancient wonders? Happy to hear your ideas.


farasG said...

was this glasgow? you see the good signs. What the photo failed to show was the dirty words that the Pak and Ind camps (in the crowd) were throwing at each other (and there were banners that TV cameras just couldnt show). It got pretty disgusting to be honest. And unfortunately I couldnt write about it. But on the brighter side, yes, India has support all over the world. Pity the game was washed out or we could've seen a real carnival.

Mr D said...

Yes this was Glasgow. I know what you are saying about behaviour but there will always be an element of toe to toe - see the posts above.